Now 7.43% better than a kick in the teeth

Welcome to Neologue UK! Featuring an assortment of various things.

So far work has been heavily focussed on a few parts of the site (including a few less obvious behind-the-scenes parts), however plenty more is planned; the current highlights of the site would be:

The Shingo Japanese Trainer: A free web-app to thoroughly teach you various aspects of the language. Handy for students, but even usable by complete newbies! Doesn't cover everything, but for what it does teach, it makes no assumptions about prior knowledge. So if you're interested, feel free to try it out! (NB: Temporarily broken, along with almost everything else. Should be back up very soon)
Mwuki, a peculiar mini wiki-like thing, only editable by me for technical reasons (and for my sanity too). Originally just meant for me to keep notes and ideas easily etc, then wound up as a medium-term place for general site content.

Translation: That's where I've put most of my new content lately for until such time as I work out something/somewhere better. Note that 99% of it is pretty geeky stuff.

ARGH, Oct 2014, Mwuki is broken again in similar fashion to 2y ago, but the old fix is no longer applicable as far as I can see. Will take some time to figure out how best this can be fixed, sorry :( And in the very short term, this is also breaking much of the rest of the site (that problem can be fixed more easily than Mwuki, at least)

Yes, if it's not patently obvious, this is a mostly geek-oriented site (though less geeky things are liable to come later). If those things above aren't your cup of tea, then the remaining odd little things to see in the rest of the site probably won't be either unfortunately; most of those so far are patchy or incomplete (due to most of the time being spent on the things above), or of narrow interest (eg odd web experiments), but you may want to have a look anyway, or consider it worth checking back for in future, when more interesting/complete things may come along.

Conspicuously, you'll also probably notice that styles are applied very inconsistently across the site, as I haven't settled on a main one yet. Meantime many pages just don't have any at all. Some parts (eg the Japanese trainer) will probably retain their own separate style even after the rest of the site is settled on.

What else is on the site (in some form)
  • Somewere to put some experimental collaborative web-apps. I'm sorta enthusiastic about the prospect of getting these done, they'll be useful and neat :) Progress got halted a few months ago but should restart again in a bit.
  • A smidgin of maths stuff, not very much and I can't think of more to go in there at the moment.
  • Some random utilities for my own use. Mostly incomplete, and useless to most people. Recently though, I've also started adding things that are marginally more useful to a few more people! But it's still pretty obscure.
  • And until other things are ready, temporary content stuff! or something. I'm putting various bits of stuff here whilst things are unsettled, for me to rearrange later or somesuch. Eh. I forget what the original idea was now. *shrug* Includes some links, some bloggy ramblings, and a few other bits and bobs I didn't feel like finding somewhere else for. Will probably wind up shovelled into Mwuki some time.

NEW, elsewhere!
I have a new site up at for a new project I'm working on. The Kneebiru site will NOT be replacing this one here! Merely running alongside it, as a place for that project and related work.

There won't be much to see there for a while either, just vague hints at future stuff.

And watch out for
Other things to come probably soonish! For a certain definition of "soon"... Actually, some of these things have been appearing in Mwuki already.
  • A game! of some sort. Perhaps. It's fairly low on my list of priorities really, but I'd quite like to make one, when I get a spare moment or three. Maybe also another game? Yes I have written games before, but not web ones.
  • Electronics stuff: basic electronics tutorials, and odd little projects I've made or am planning. I got into electronics again 2 or 3 years ago and found I understood it about 20x better than when I was a mystified teenager. Now when I see various people trying to get into it being unable to grasp a lot of the same things I had, it makes me feel it's worth writing up a bit better than many sources seem to do. Most of my projects are nothing outstanding but someone might like to see anyway :D
  • My software stuff: I've been programming somewhat over 20y, although that doesn't mean to say I'm great at it. My old site has a few of my old projects on it but most of those haven't been touched in a few years now, and were kinda crappy to start with. I could probably find some things worth putting up here though. A new version of my site management system MMSS might be nice, when that's done (or reworked from scratch...).
  • Media: Pictures and music and all that crap. My sites have been far too full of words and not enough twinkly twonkly purty stuff. I should fix that.
  • Other projects: projects that don't quite fit into one of the other categories, or are in more than one, etc. I dunno. I've been known to come out with some weird things from time to time.
  • Writings: bloggy stuff and articley stuff, for various purposes. I've already been putting some minor bloggesque ramblings in the "temporary content section", although a lot of that is dull frankly :D There's also lately a lot gone into Mwuki (some of the more interesting of which are still in draft form though).

Webspace very kindly donated by Alex, thanks :)