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Just a bunch of non-web-app stuff for the site, until such time as I set it up to use the next version of MMSS (or its replacement). And further random speculative mucking about with CSS, heheh. My apologies for your probable eye pain.

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Apr 7, 2008: Hmm, how perverse is this, some Russian just sent me spam for all shapes and colours of wheeliebin! Makes an amusing change from all the usual crap they try to flog me. No, I still don't want one, but it gave me a laugh. And no, no linky for that, if you want one just use Google or something.

May 25, 2008: After a couple weeks hiatus, last night I got back at last to poking at the site some more. In particular, I just set about changing the name of my Japanese trainer web-app. I'd been thinking about doing it for a while but first I was unsure what new name to use, and then how best to go about it. But I figured it was best to do it ASAP before I get regular users who could get confused by the change. It also involved a change of location (and redirection for anyone using the old address), which would be a bit disruptive for people.

Jun 4, 2008: Interesting discovery. I'm still fairly new to CSS (I've been using HTML to whatever extent for about 10 years, but CSS for about a month!), and so I was a bit unsure what I'd done wrong tonight whilst trying something only slightly more complicated than before. I simply wanted to have one text colour for most sections of that page, with it overridden by another colour for one section. Somehow the text colour didn't seem to be getting set, until I then tried using named colours (red, grey, black) instead of hex colours (#DD317F or whathaveyou). I had hex colours working fine for other attributes in there, and overriding other attributes was working properly too.

Mucked about for ages trying to see what was going wrong. Tried using hex colours for the text in a separate page. Worked perfectly?! Poked the misbehaving page some more, and suddenly found the text-size property wasn't doing anything either, where it had been before, for no obvious reason. One of the only differences was in the location of a commented-out line. Thinking about it, I realised I didn't remember actually where I learnt about CSS comments, and indeed the tutorial I'd used to learn from didn't seem to mention them- I must have just tried something plausible early on and figured "Well that works, I guess it must be right". On futher inspection, I discovered that C++ style "//" comments like I had been using all this time, are not proper CSS, which uses ordinary C style comments (eg /* this is a C style comment */). I fixed the comments in the stylesheet, and the problems all went away. Mystery solved! Odd to note that those invalid C++ style comments did slightly work though, apart from the strange side-effects. Possibly an unintended fluke.

On second thoughts I guess not an "interesting" discovery, but a useful one, for me. Also today I made up another little stylesheet, and stuck it on this page so it wouldn't be lonely. I'm pondering whether it is nice or awful, but I'm probably not the best judge of such things.

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