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The Site

I had an old site, it's still around, and has quite a lot of stuff on it, but the system I had for keeping it running got all tied up such that it got too hard to update it, and the Angelfire CGI system was useless for some of the more interesting things I wanted to do. And most of the few hits I got, seemed to be people looking for stuff I didn't have there :P

Then whilst talking about it with my mate Alex one day, he offered me a bit of webspace for what I was thinking of doing. This made much of what I had in mind about 10x easier (as his webhosts have good features), so soon after he set the account up for me, I got a domain name to use it with (having figured out that you can't just use a numeric IP address with virtual-hosting as I'd hoped, even just for experimenting with), and then I started putting stuff on.

Anyway, the site is so far for me to put various web-apps I'm creating on, and (when I get to that) to test out newer versions of that site management system I'd had trouble with, and to put other stuff up I want to do that has got too messy to put on the old site. Later, it will be ending up as the replacement for my old site, and I'll start to migrate everything across and make things a lot more professional etc etc.

Current highlights of the site, if they can be called that (well I guess it's all relative...), include a Japanese trainer app, which has reached the point of being quite useable although it's lacking a few things, and a set of Collaborative web-apps, of which there is so-far only one, and that isn't yet even collaborative, let alone finished!

A dinky little browser-based game is also being vaguely mulled over, but might never happen at all.

I have also been experimenting a fair bit with CSS in various places, as you have probably noticed if you've seen more than a few pages. Before that, almost all the pages were quite bereft of styling and colour (like this one is!), and felt rudimentary and unfinished for it. I'll probably settle on a small number of styles in time, after I've decided what I like and what I should do. Meanwhile I guess it's a little like a modern-day variation of the 1990s phenomenon of HTML newbies putting 7000 different colours and fonts in one page, for which I apologise.


Web-enabled lunatic geek who often goes by the handle "Tomble" (I even have an undermaintained list of other Tombles on the web, on my old site, so don't assume I must be some other one you've seen around!).

I use Linux a lot, and have a general need to be either programming or making things. Some of those things/programs are almost even good. Some. Ish. In terms of making things, in recent years I redeveloped an old interest I'd had in electronics, and started teaching myself it again in earnest, up till I understood substantially more than I had when eg I was an A-Level Physics student. I still don't have any interestingly meaningful designs to show for this, but I've been able to design dull circuits that were at least more sophisticated than the basic "switch an LED on and off" type crap. Before I started Neologue I was wanting to add electronics pages to my old site, but was held back by the tangled-up state of things there. So when I've got my shit together, some electronics content may likely go up somewhere here, in addition to my various software things (and the new webapps).

I also play bass, have a few worn-out plants, read the odd book (mostly non-fiction), and quite a few webcomics (some of which I have linkied in my links pages new and old).

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